At Depop, impact is part of our DNA. We believe in the power of our community to change fashion consumption, creating a system that’s kinder to both people and the planet. And we’re proud of the impact our community is already driving in the world. Since 2021, Depop users have given a second life to 25 million items that already existed, and enabled tens of thousands of individuals to make an income from circular fashion*.

Depop is proud to unveil Depop Amplified, an innovative program designed to empower and celebrate the influential voices within its vibrant community.

Depop will be opening a Night Market in London on 25th May, offering its community the chance to engage with upcoming festival trends in a more sustainable way and enjoy performances from homegrown talent Headie One and girl group FLO. 

Depop is now available as a curator on Apple Music - a nod to the profound connection between fashion and music - for the 2023 festival season. 

Depop has launched its new UK campaign ‘I Got It On Depop’, designed to inspire style explorers to shop pre-loved this summer. 

At Depop, our mission to build the world’s most diverse and progressive home of fashion underpins everything we do, internally and externally.

Fashion resale marketplace Depop announces the launch of Depop This Look - a community-powered initiative connecting style inspiration from visually and culturally iconic locations across Los Angeles.

Depop, the community-powered marketplace app to buy and sell unique fashion, has conducted research to understand Depop's users’ behaviours when it comes to buying and disposing of fashion items. 

Depop publishes its circular fashion definition - outlining its approach to circular fashion, and setting out the criteria to define what is meant by ‘circular’ at Depop

  • Over half (53%) of shoppers say that they have been buying more secondhand clothes as a way of saving money in 2022, as the cost of living rises

  • Depop’s research reveals you could save up to 25% per item when shopping secondhand - an average of £185 in a year across all purchases

  • 18-35 year olds are making an average of £350 a year by selling unused clothing lurking in their wardrobes

  • The average lifespan of a garment is just 19 wears but on average, UK Depop users estimate that they wear an item a total of 49 times, offering more value for money