Depop partners with Hypebeast Flea New York

By Depop
14 May 2024

The two-day market event will feature six crowdsourced Depop sellers offering attendees one-of-a-kind vintage finds, archive clothing, designed pieces and exclusive releases.

Community-powered fashion resale marketplace, Depop, has teamed up with Hypebeast for Hypebeast Flea New York, a weekend-long celebration of NYC’s creative community that will feature six top Depop sellers, each showcasing their curated secondhand pieces on-site. 

Taking place on May 18 and 19 at Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse (73 West St, Brooklyn, NY), the event will immerse attendees in Depop’s hyperlocal communities and subcultures that galvanize the resale platform’s people-powered experience.

The specially curated pop-up closets from OnSeam, 20XX, Maya Traber, Lal Vintage, Vintage Vin, and Zemi Star, will showcase their individual fashion perspectives as well as the journeys of taking their shops from digital to IRL among NYC’s most prominent fashion enthusiasts. The dedicated Depop experiential space within the event will also include personalization spaces, claw machines containing exclusive merch and an exclusive photo moment. 

The partnership with Hypebeast Flea New York is the latest iteration of Depop expanding on ways to provide platforms for their sellers across the globe. “At Depop, we’re always excited to create opportunities for our Sellers to reach new audiences with the incredible secondhand fashion they have to offer” said Peter Semple, Depop's Chief Marketing Officer. “Partnering with Hypebeast will introduce their community of fashion enthusiasts to the Depop circular fashion marketplace - inspiring more and more people to both shop secondhand, and sell the items they no longer wear.”

Hypebeast Flea New York is the latest large-scale IRL event and partnership that Depop has procured following the Depop Night Market, a global festival partnership with American Express, The Sims 4, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.

As Depop continues to expand its community to anyone passionate about expressing themselves through style, exploration, discovery, and circular fashion, Hypebeast Flea New York will provide a destination for the fashion resale marketplace community to meet local sellers transforming the current landscape, and connect with those with a shared love for fashion, thrifting and pre-loved goods across all ages, generations, and fashion subcultures.

About the Sellers:

OnSeam, spearheaded by Abigail Sciarra and Zach Moore. The two started off by collecting pieces from local thrift stores in 2017 and built the operation up to become a full-blown Depop destination, even going as far as hosting IRL events. “Growing up in the 2000’s, we are naturally drawn in by it. We mainly sell items from the last 2 decades but we always have some other pieces throughout our shop to pique everyone's interest,” they continue, “Some of our favorite brands to sell are Carhartt, Harley Davidson, New York Sportswear/Merch, Avirex, Coach handbags, and a variety of trending brands.” 

20XX is Julian Binder’s storefront, filled with eye-catching pieces that allow people to tap into their inner child. Binder describes her current perspective on style as more masculine, but her Depop shop offers playful pieces for different aesthetics. “I like things with little details that spark delight and intrigue, but that people can still integrate into their everyday looks. I love when people feel the clothing they buy from me has a useful purpose in their daily life,” she says. 

Maya Traber curates her pieces based on what she describes as delicate, dainty, and comfortable. “I'm drawn to items that strike a balance between girly and comfortable, like pairing low baggy jeans with delicate tops,” she explains. She hopes that by filling her shop with items that easily integrate into most wardrobes, she can highlight the circularity of secondhand fashion. 

Lal Vintage is Sezan Turan’s Depop shop that carries ethically sourced and authenticated items curated from different decades and eras. She focuses on collecting staple pieces that can elevate any wardrobe, from iconic designers and archive collections of the past. Some of the brands that have become fan-favorites within her storefront include: “Galliano era Dior, Tom Ford era Gucci/YSL, Stella Mccartney & Phoebe Philo era Chloe and 90s Miu Miu/Prada,” she shares. 

Vintage Vin was raised wearing sportswear, influenced by his family’s affinity for tracksuits, fan gear, and gold chains. So naturally, his shop reflects his own style tendencies and is heavily influenced by streetwear and Americana. He describes his style as, “a soccer player that also has a role in the Sopranos and at night goes to raves.” His most coveted vintage find to date is an original 1969 Woodstock Festival graphic t-shirt. 

Zemi Star is a trans, Carribean designer who seeks to reimagine masculinity and how it is portrayed through our fashion choices. He ties together both Caribbean and New York City subcultures through curated pieces that span from rave looks and sportswear, to baggy clothes inspired by music videos. He shares, “as a trans man, self-expression through clothing has played a big role in me finding the type of man I want to show up as. I’d say that I like to curate my shop to hold space for masc archetypes that I grew up seeing, but just now am having the opportunity to embody. I’d say it’s old-school NY reimagined for the present.”`

Hypebeast Flea New York 

Date: May 18–19, 2024 | 12PM - 5PM EST

Location: Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse | 73 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222