Ralph Lauren and Depop launch "Re/Sourced". A uniquely curated collection celebrating vintage Polo

By Depop
21 Oct 2019

Ralph Lauren and Depop, the UK-based fashion marketplace app with the cult Gen-Z following, have announced a collaboration to launch "Re/Sourced", a curated collection of vintage product, sourced by Depop sellers. The Re/Sourced collection launches on October 22, 2019 and will be accompanied by a digital and in-store campaign that embraces Ralph Lauren's timeless style through the lens of the Depop community.

"Depop is always looking for new ways to champion sustainable practices and new forms of creativity being shaped by the next generation," says Peter Semple, CMO of Depop. "The Re/Sourced collection showcases the creativity inherent in sourcing vintage items, the unique pieces those endeavors can uncover, and the lasting quality of Ralph Lauren products."

The uniquely curated collection is made up of over 150 pieces, sourced by Depop sellers. The range of product highlights the vast and diverse inspirations of the iconic brand from equestrian to western; and preppy to streetwear styles including Polo Sport, while celebrating the category of vintage as a conscious alternative. Ralph Lauren products are meant to be worn, loved and passed on for generations, and Depop exists as a destination for these ever-lasting items to have a second or third life.

The "Re/Sourced" collection will be available for purchase exclusively at a pop-up space at the Ralph Lauren New Bond Street flagship store in London from October 22nd through November 7th. An additional selection of pieces from the Re/Sourced campaign will also be available on the Depop app. To accompany the collection and in-store experience, a digital docu-film has been created, directed by filmmaker Musa, capturing the real-life stories of three Depop sellers who source vintage Ralph Lauren, exploring the stories of the items they find, and the significance of choosing second-hand. For featured sellers Adam of @dry_goods, Jack of @thetowndrow and Martha of @norwoodclothing, their passion for Ralph Lauren spans from the pieces themselves to more tangible parallels with the entrepreneurial spirit of the man himself.

"I work as a full-time stonemason in Bristol and I've never been to a fashion school – Depop helped me realize my love for fashion by giving me a platform to sell my vintage pieces and build my business," says Adam Milnes, 30, owner of @dry_goods. "Ralph Lauren has always been inspirational to me, in that he turned an idea and a way of living into a pillar of American style.