Depop joins Apple Music to offer exclusive playlists to soundtrack your festival season

By Depop
11 May 2023

Depop is now available as a curator on Apple Music - a nod to the profound connection between fashion and music - for the 2023 festival season. 

Home to thousands of vintage and designer finds, Depop now has an outfit - and a playlist - for every style moment on your radar this festival season. Depop users and Apple Music subscribers can now share their love for fashion and music together, with playlists inspired by concert-ready aesthetics, including:

  • “It’s a noughties thing” - Inspired by the early 2000s, this playlist channels Y2K style straight from your speakers. 

  • “Don’t talk to me rn”  - Moody and melancholy, this playlist will have you reaching for your distressed denim and grunge flannel tops.

  • “Big on the internet” - Your favorite music from your favorite social platforms all in one place.

  • “BRB, in my feels” - Need a minute? Use this playlist to unplug and unwind during festival season. 

  • “Keep it Old School” - Featuring ‘90s R&B hits, this classic curation will get you in the festival mood.

  • “Get It Done” - Motivational and upbeat, “Get It Done” brings the hype.

Depop is excited to empower its users to connect and express themselves through pop-culture moments tied to fashion and music. Ranging across different genres and time periods, each playlist encapsulates a mood inspired by the excitement and adventure of the Spring/Summer festival season. 

Check out the Depop Playlists exclusively on Apple Music, here.